In December 2009, Gett Bold suffered a horrific injury to his left, hind leg. He was nearly three-legged for some time before a final diagnosis was made -- severe tearing of ligaments and soft tissue deep in his pelvis. Given the extent of the injury, he was given a guarded prognosis. His veterinarians did raw bone marrow therapy as well as A-cell therapy. He also received acupuncture. Kendra first saw Gett Bold about a week after the injury occurred, and we started therapy right away. Throughout his rehab program, he received regular therapy, at first starting with minimally invasive LED light therapy andlinaments, until eventually progressing into deeper muscle work as well. Eighteen months later, after some extra lay-up time just to be certain, he is currently sound and back in training.

Patty Hunter & Gett Bold


Kendra & A Step Ahead Performance Therpapy has been a vital part of keeping Scrumpy sound and winning. In 2008, he was the NCHA $20,000 NP World Champion, PCCHA $20,000 NP Champion, PCCHA He's A Missouri Doc Award Winner as well as winning NCHA Top 15 in the World in the $50,000 Amateur and awards in the Non Pro, which for a 10 year old horse, made for a pretty long, hard year. Thanks to Kendra's magic, he's still winning today at the age of 13.

Billy Burton & Captain Scrumpy (Lifetime Earnings over $200,000)


Kendra has been working on our show horses for many years, working on Guaranteeya Julestar before and after every run the year he was NCHA $5k N/NP World Champion and NCHA $3k Nov. Reserve World Champion. With Kendra's therapy our show horses stay sound, competitive and happy.

Jason and Dana Haefner & Guaranteeya Julestar


Telly has an old painful neck injury with muscle atrophy. You could actually feel the lump and when you'd put pressure on it, he'd pull violently backwards. Thanks to Kendra's great treatments, the lump is gone and he has no more tenderness. I've noticed a HUGE improvement in his performance. And he's always been a bit distrustful of most people. So when Kendra walks in his stall and he tucks right up to her, I know she must really be making him feel good.

I now use the lights on him at home as well as having her work on him at shows. And I must say, they work well on my aches and pains, too!

Kathy Burton & Telerada (Lifetime Earnings over $66,00)


I have been a client of Kendra King's for over 6 years. The first time she worked on a horse for me, I was unable to be present, which is probably not the best case scenario. After she worked on my horse she took the time to call and leave me a detailed message of what she did and her future recommendations. I was immediately impressed.

A year later, I took on a very crippled cutting horse as a "project" and knew if anyone could help me pull him through to show shape, Kendra could. With her expertise in body work and nutrition, Walter has been cutting for 5 years comfortably and I have won 4 beautiful buckles on him! I remember winning a Non pro Class on "Wally",walking out of the arena and looking up to see Kendra sitting on the fence with a big grin!! What a great feeling it is to be able to help a horse like Walter! I could not have done it without Kendra's diligent body work and expert guidance.

The greatest asset Kendra provides besides her knowledge and expertise is her honesty and fair dealings. She is 100% "always"!! I am proud that Kendra works on my horses and I am proud to call her my friend.

Debbie McGregor & RM Bardoc O Holi


I've owned Neiko since he was 5 months old. He always seemed a bit off. We weren't working together and nothing was clicking when he turned 2. He would never trot for more than a few strides, and as he grew older I started to notice signs of pain. By the fall off his 3rd year, I had his lameness evaluated, and the vet gave me a dark diagnosis. She said he was neurological. My dream horse, my first horse was out of the game. He'd be coming on 4 soon and I wouldn't be able to show. As time went on I began to notice the neurological disorders myself. I was determined to ignore it and still tried to ride. The vets tested and said it wasn't EPM but most likely Wobblers, and that he'd need to have surgery or be retired as a pasture pet. Once winter hit, he began to stumble, and lose rhythm in his step. I felt like I was riding a foal who hadn't yet found their legs. Then in spring right before he turned 4, he got deathly ill. Which made his neurological symptoms very very obvious and I was on the verge of euthanizing my best friend. Becoming more and more desperate I was posting all over the web asking for help everywhere. Then I came across Kendra- too far across the country to treat Neiko herself, she gave me advice, and tips, told me what to buy, and talked me through the procedure. At first Neiko seemed irritated by the treatments, but I was so persistent hoping that it was just his way of releasing pain. I did 3 sessions a week, and then did it twice every other week for 2 months, and now still do it periodically. He now loves it. I've seen a big improvement. Following Kendra's suggestions and a few chiropractic adjustments, Neiko is cantering for the first time ever. He has stopped falling, stopped even stumbling, and much more responsive over all.He no longer fights me when I tack him up, and stopped almost all his vices under saddle altogether. We are quickly progressing to where he should be as a 4 year old. We are no longer focusing on pain- now we are focusing on learning proper collection. Even though he isn't quite ready to everything I want, he is so willing to try, and works hard for me. I used to think he was just lazy and stubborn, and now I see my friend was just in pain. Now healed- I believe he would at least try to do anything I asked and will trot all day long if I ask. He's better and healthier now, than he was since I got him as a foal. Neiko will be 5 in May, 2012. He works as a therapy horse, and is very good with young children. It is a blessing to be able to keep him. Here is our first real canter taken on Sunday January 8th.

Hannah Parsons